CORNWALL TOYOTA: Driving customers in the right direction

CORNWALL TOYOTA: Driving customers in the right direction
Cornwall Toyota staff: Pictured (from back left): 'Bow-Tie' Ken

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second in a series of online profiles on eight local vehicle dealerships in Cornwall and area. Check back regularly over the next few weeks for more.

The demand for a high-quality vehicle, attached to a reasonable price tag, is opening a new lane for the local dealership. After only 10 years at their current location, major upgrades are going to be made in the spring of 2014.

Cornwall Toyota will be adding an additional 6,800 sq. ft. to their service area. It will feature a new drive-thru, where customers can drop their vehicles off and avoid any inclement weather. With the addition of four new service bays, the dealership will be equipped with 10 to better serve clients.

“We’ve outgrown our existing space, based on our sales volume since we’ve been here,” said Troy Hickman, owner of Cornwall Toyota. “It’s going to offer our clients a much better service experience, with a larger and newer facility.”

The success of his dealership is written in the company motto, ‘Real people selling great cars.’

Hickman said there are many favourable reasons why people should have Toyota at the top of their list.

“It’s the level of service we provide, with the purchase experience,” he said. “80 per cent of the Toyotas sold over the last 20 years are still on the road. I think that’s pretty powerful when you speak about reliability and dependability.”

Paul Bryan, Cornwall Toyota sales manager, was a big inspiration for Hickman to open up the dealership in May, 2001.

“The only regret I have is that I should’ve got into the car business sooner, it’s been very rewarding for me and my family,” said Hickman.

Bryan said it’s not uncommon for clients to come in with their used Toyota and their trade in value is higher than they expected.

“A lot of things we talk about with clients are resale value, we’re pretty much unsurpassed in that department,” he said. “I was amazed whenever I started here three years ago how much equity we would pay. I have actually paid clients more than what they owed on a vehicle when they traded in to buy another one. That’s a testament to the quality of the vehicle.”

When you purchase from Cornwall Toyota expect a standing ovation from the staff. Your picture will join the many smiling faces on the dealership’s ‘Wall of Fame’ and it will be posted on their Facebook page.

“We make it very exciting when someone buys a car,” said Bryan. “Our customers are our greatest asset.”

The open concept dealership has no stuffy office where you go and discuss a car deal. The 25 employees that occupy the service, parts and sales departments share a camaraderie that extends to the entire dealership.

“The first vehicle that is purchased is sold in the sales department, but the second, third and fourth are always sold in the service department,” said Hickman. “That’s why there’s a close proximity to the showroom.”

Cornwall Toyota is located at 1875 Brookdale Avenue. For more information, visit

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