Great time to golf

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By Nick Seebruch
Great time to golf
Rory and Kathy MacLennan at the entrance to Summerheights Golf Links (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things and has challenged every business. One business that has risen to the occasion is Summerheights Golf Links.

Summerheights owners Rory and Kathy MacLennan explained that since re-opening eight weeks ago things have been running differently, but that everyone is starting to get used to the new normal.

“We are lucky that golf is one of those activities that people can come out and enjoy while observing social distancing,” said Rory MacLennan.

To help keep customers and staff safe, a greeter now meets golfers as they drive up to the clubhouse on busy days to inform them of the new rules, which includes a one-way entrance into the pro-shop, staggered tee times, and information about masks. On quieter days, the starter is the one tasked with sharing this information.

All golf carts at Summerheights are sanitized after each use, only two customers are allowed in the pro-shop at a time, bathrooms are being cleaned between 10 and 12 times a day, and their two courses have a five minute difference between start times.

“This is something that we have never tried before, but it is working out great,” Rory said of the staggered start times.

Despite the pandemic, Kathy MacLennan remarked that the 2020 season seems to be busier than previous years so far.

“We have had a lot of things go our way,” she said.

MacLennan pointed out that along with the nice weather, golfing was something that their customers are able to do outdoors while at a safe social distance. It took a little bit for customers to get used to the changes, they explained, but that things have quickly smoothed out.

“During the first week we were concerned with how it would go,” Rory said. “It was bumpy at first, but it has been smooth as everyone has become used to it.”

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