Local ‘health nut’ turns passion into small business

Local ‘health nut’ turns passion into small business
Sylvie Thibert

CORNWALL, Ontario – After a lifetime of weight struggles, six years ago, Sylvie Thibert decided to change her life. At 200 pounds, she suffered from chronic acid reflux, joint pain, lack of energy, mood swings and sleeplessness.

Following countless failed fad diets, the mother of a teenage son and school educator, was finally at the end of her rope.

She joining a weight-loss program, lost 55 pounds, and since then has continued to educate herself about the importance of healthy eating.

Thibert started developing healthy recipes and products, at the urging of others, began teaching those who wanted a change in their lives, how to do it for themselves.

People are becoming aware of what’s going on, said Thibert. As a vendor at the local farmers market for the past couple of years she has seen a growing interest, particularly in young families, in healthy, organic food alternatives.

More and more the public is recognizing the direct correlation between what they eat and how they feel. People are more aware of food allergies and intolerances to gluten and wheat, she explained.

Her advice is simple. “If you can’t understand the ingredients or it doesn’t rot, don’t eat it, because it’s not real food.”

Working in elementary schools, she saw first-hand the nutrition problems.  “You open up their lunch and it’s fruit rollups and all these things with dyes that have been proven to cause ADHD.”

I know everyone is busy but you have to take time, get back into the kitchen. “When I used to come home from school; we weren’t rich but we always had a meal on the table. We would talk.”

With all the proactive steps someone can take to change their nutritional intake, Thibert’s number one piece of advice, she says is to “get rid of the white” – white sugar, white rice white flour.

Finally, she says, “get out and move.” When I was a kid the – youngest of 10 – we were always outside. Kids today are sedentary, in front of the computer, television, or cellphone. “It’s a lazier society.”

Thibert recently fulfilled a long-time dream by opening up a healthy eating take-out shop, where she will continue with her passion of providing healthy cooking seminars, juicing challenges, educational programs and organic/gluten-free food products.

“Naturally Delicious with The Health Nut,” open Saturdays, from 9 to 4, is Located at 812 Pitt Street, unit 40. Visit www.thehealthnut.ca for further details.

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