Meditation in movement: Chakradance steps into Ingleside

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Jacynthe (Jaz) Villemaire left a high-paying job with the federal government after 14 years to share an enlightened path.

Her new spiritual boutique, ‘Way to the Well’ (14705 B County Road 2) which opened Feb. 1 in Ingleside, is a centre for holistic healing offering Reiki, ‘Intuitive’ training, and eastern Ontario’s newest form of spiritual healing.

Villemaire is only the third Canadian to be certified as a Chakradance facilitator. A dynamic form of dance, it provides similar benefits to yoga and aids in relieving and balancing stress.

“What brought me to Chakradance is the need to explore wellness better, and to explore it in a way that’s really grounded in science to help move blocked energy,” said Villemaire.

She guarantees it’s no cheesy fad. Rather, participants will be guided by music on a spiritual dance journey to awaken each of the seven chakras.

Villemaire is also a certified Reiki master, intuitive healer and trainer ministering to people, pets, and places through ongoing sessions and intensive workshops, either at the Way to the Well centre or online.

Reiki is known as ‘palm healing’ or ‘laying on of hands,’ and when practiced in the traditional Usui form facilitators deliver ‘healing energy’ directed mostly to the body, organs, glands.

She described it as a way to bring balance and well-being in order to achieve significant healing: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Villemaire has studied with masters in Canada, the USA, and Brazil to perfect her craft. Her unique talent has built an international clientele with the help of her blog, which is read in over 20 countries.

The road to wellness was no leisurely stroll for the Cornwall-native. In her previous career with the government, she taught leadership and coaching skills across the country, but felt empty and dissatisfied.

“I was fearful of changing. I had all the benefits and a great salary. Who would want to leave that behind? It’s silly,” said Villemaire. “I decided to take my chances and Chakradance helped me to stay grounded and focus on my dreams and manifest them into reality.”

Her message to clients isn’t about abandoning their jobs and commitments. Rather she hopes her services can help them be more creative, experience a joyful living, become empowered, and express themselves better.

Way to the Well is open Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Further classes will be offered in Moose Creek starting in March, and a March Break for Teens intensive will be offered in the afternoons of March 10-14.

The first nine-week cycle for Chakradance starts on Saturday, Feb. 22. Classes are by appointment only.

For more information, including prices and registration, check out, or call (613) 662-1788, or visit Jacynthe-Jaz-Villemaire-Way-to-the-Well on Facebook.

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