Pure Quality

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Pure Quality
Rock Plouffe of Cristill Rock.

CORNWALL, Ontario—For 25 years Cristill Rock has kept the community hydrated with pure and refreshing water. Producing more that 30,000 18L bottles of water every month, Cristill Rock produces quality as well as quantity.

Here is what sets the water in a bottle from Cristill Rock apart from the rest.

  1. All bottled water from Cristill Rock meets the Canadian Bottled Water Associations (CBWA) standards, which are higher than the standards set out by the federal government through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
  2. Cristill Rock first treats the raw water to remove any hardness or chlorine before it is purified by distillation.
  3. During the distillation process, the water is boiled at between 221 and 223 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam is then condensed back into pure Cristill Rock Water and the boiled water is rejected as waste water.
  4. The condensed steam/water is more that 99% pure, and then goes through a 1 micron absolute filter.
  5. The water is then cycled through water storage tanks which are sealed food grade reservoirs that circulates the water. The Cristill Rock reservoirs are locked and alarmed so that no one can tamper with the purity of Cristill Rock Water
  6. Oxygen is added to give the water a fresh light taste, and it is put through an ozonation process. Ozonation involves adding pure oxygen and electricity to the water to ensure that the water remains pure and bacteria free.
  7. The Parts Per Million (PPM) of Total Dissolved Solids in Cristill Rock water is effectively zero (0.1PPM-0.4PPM). As a comparison, tap water in Cornwall has 146PPM on average.
  8. Cristill Rock follows the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and good Manufacture Practice (GMP) guidelines.
  9. Cristill Rock water is tested daily in house. Weekly, a water sample is sent to an independent lab for testing and annually, Cristill Rock plant is inspected by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Cristill Rock, located at 1140 Brookdale Ave. In Cornwall, is family owned and operated. They offer over 400 brands of coffee in addition to their water services, which includes a refilling station where customers can refill their 18L bottles 24/7.

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