Columnist, Leo Doucet

Did you know that Arks Harvest is growing by leaps and bounds.  The community’s response has been heartwarming.  From its humble beginnings last November to its current level of activity, is great to see.  Last Saturday there were some 80+ people standing in line waiting for the store to open so they could pick up their share of yummy looking fruits and veggies.  Arks Harvest is now open on Sundays to accommodate those customers who could not make it to the mall on Saturday.  A small army of volunteers help serve the customers and continuously refill the produce bins as long as supplies last, and that is the fundamental concept of Arks Harvest.   Purchasing a defined quantity of quality fruits and veggies plus some “specials” on occasion and once that amount is sold, that is it for this weekend and the whole process repeats itself again the following weekend.  Just so that you know, Cornwall Square can accommodate longer line ups than 80 or 90 people, however only so many people at a time can fit in to the Arks Harvest store as there are only so many shopping baskets.  Both Arks Harvest and Cornwall Square are looking forward to the continued growth of this great community food concept.

Did you know that SIDIQI RUGS is busy merchandising their store and hopes to be open just after Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that the transition from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting in the Continental store is now completed.  If you have not been to the Continental store recently, you are in for a shock at the new “bright look” of the store.  The newfound brightness makes the merchandise pop.  Unfortunately, the local shoplifting community will also have a better look at the goods they try and steal.

Did you know that next on the electrician’s agenda are the pot lights throughout the mall and the behind-the-scenes lighting in emergency corridors to be followed by the fluorescent lighting in the coves over the storefronts.  Those changes will most definitely increase the brightness of the areas at one third the cost.

Did you know that you have only one more day to “take a selfie with your sweetie” at centre court on the main level.  This is a freebie for you and your sweetie from us here at Cornwall Square.

Did you also know that you have only 6 weeks left to decide which pontoon and fishing boats to buy from Suntan RV and Marine here at Cornwall Square as they will be returning to their regular home at Mac’s Marina after March 31, 2024.  I see a couple of SOLD signs but there are still plenty to choose from.  The ice is melting, and the river is beckoning.

You need to you know that we will have one WOW surprise for you in the mall during Easter.


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