A minute with MP Eric Duncan

Seaway News Staff
A minute with MP Eric Duncan
Eric Duncan at a campaign rally on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

After more than 5 months of Parliament being shut down due to COVID-19 with no regular sittings or regular business, it is time for Members of Parliament to return to Ottawa and get back to the job we were elected to do.

Without a doubt, there is no shortage of issues for us to address. We left numerous pieces of legislation unfinished, the government has pledged hundreds of billions of dollars in deficit spending with few questions being able to be asked and even less accountability, and new information drips out daily about the WE scandal and ethics issues.

When I heard that the Liberal government proposed to prorogue Parliament and shut down many investigations into their scandals, it was frustrating to say the least.

I believe this statement to be blunt, but true: if students and teachers are returning to classrooms, then there is no reason why MPs cannot get back to Ottawa with proper social distancing measures in place, in the same fashion that every single workplace in Canada has been implementing.

Anything less than getting Parliament restarted and holding the minority government to account is a purely political stall tactic.

While I have enjoyed connecting with businesses and not-for-profit groups throughout the riding on my “Wellness Tour” and while we have helped hundreds of constituents with case files in my office, it is time to lead by example and get back to Ottawa.

I look forward to getting back to Parliament Hill and being your voice in Ottawa. There is lots of work to be done and questions to be asked. Let’s get to it.

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