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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any wackier on the Trump front, The Donald starts hawking “God Bless America Bibles” … for $59.95 (plus tax).

According to Trump, the Bible is his favourite book and he has several. Yet, when asked for a couple of his favourite verses, he couldn’t come up with one, saying they’re all his favourite.

When asked if he were an Old Testament or New Testament person, after a long (embarrassing pause) he said he was sort of a New Testament person. Expected him to say something like, “What, there are two?”

Somebody quipped that two things Trump has never read: the Bible and the U. S. Constitution.

And there is Don Jr. who told the New York Post that his father is considering ultra-right wing broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson as a VP running mate. How far out is Carlson? Fox News axed him.

Just a thought, but an appropriate theme song for Trump rallies might be Barry McGuire’s 1965 hit tune “Eve of Destruction”.

The pillow guy and super Trump cheerleader – Mike Lindell – is on the brink of financial disaster, as is another Trump backer, Rudy Giuliani, who says The Donald owes him $2 million in legal fees. Trump offered to hold a fund-raiser for the man who once held the title of “America’s Mayor”.

The Ford government unveiled a budget that adds $9 billion to the taxpayers’ debt and the opposition forces say it isn’t enough.

Don Cherry had it all wrong when it came to unwavering support of fighting and enforcers, whom he lionized. Cherry claimed that nobody really got hurt in a “good old” hockey fight. In the last two weeks, it was disclosed that former NHLers Bob Murdock and Chris Simon, who committed suicide, suffered from brain damage – CTE – connected to blows to the head.

SPORTS STUFF My vote for most under-rated NHL coach is Paul Maurice. Most over-rated, before he was forced out in Columbus, Mike Babcock. … The overlooked race in the NHL is the “battle” for last place and shot at first over-all draft pick. As of this writing, the Hawks and Sharks are in a tight race with the Ducks, Jackets and Coyotes within range. . … To say that John Daley was pro golf’s enfant terrible would not be an embellishment. The long-hitting, hard-living, unpredictable pro did it his way. In recent interview, the retired Daly said not only did he go through 22 pints on a “good” day but was addicted to diet Coke, drinking up to 23 a day. “Couldn’t stand water,” he said, “unless it was ice in my vodka.” … One of the classiest people I met while covering junior hockey was Ontario Hockey League commissioner David Branch. Last summer he announced that the current season, his 45th as commissioner, would be his last.

APRIL 1958 – After logging 41 years with Cornwall Fire Department, city council granted Chief Cory Moore a six-month leave of absence before collecting his first retirement pension cheque. Council voted to give the chief an annual pension of $2,500. … In other business, council said it was concerned with rising overtime at the department. The OT bill for February was $458. It climbed to $490 in March. … Former United States President Harry Truman attended a civic luncheon at the Cornwallis Hotel before touring the St. Lawrence Seaway/Power Project. … To help ease Cornwall’s critical housing shortage, the province announced a plan to build 115 low-cost housing unit. They would be available to families with incomes under $300 a month. Rent would be 20% of the monthly income. … Cornwall was one of eight Ontario municipalities hooked up to the Lakeland Gas Co. System. The company was established nine months earlier. … Cornwall’s assistant post master J. F. Russell retired after 35 years with the post office. In that time, he took just three sick days, when he sprained his ankle. … The Standard-Freeholder set a daily circulation record with 14,175 paid copies. … City council purchased 113 acres of the Copeland Estate just west of Gray’s Creek. The property included waterfront. The city planned to add another 200 acres for an industrial park. The site didn’t have water or sewer services.… A group of beauty parlour owners wanted to know why their names were listed by the health unit as passing inspection when they had not been inspected. … Pottery Point – better known as Lover’s Lane – was being removed to reduce the velocity of water. It was just east of Lock 15 on the south side of Cornwall Canal. … The one-person fire inspection office of Cornwall Fire Department made 75 inspections in March. … A delegation of youngsters – led by 14-year-old Leslie Howard – living in east Cornwall asked city council to push ahead with construction of a pool at Mattice Park. A petition containing 300 names of young people was turned over the city. Some residents had voiced opposition to a pool in the neighbourhood. … Cornwall native Billy Carter scored two goals – his second two-goal game – as Hull-Ottawa Canadiens downed Regina Pats 6-2 to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven Memorial Cup final. Ralph Backstrom had three goals.

TRIVIA Prior to the Second World War this business occupied 262 Pitt St. : 1) Drug store, 2) Grocery store, 3) Funeral home, 4) Smoke shop, 5) Florist shop.

TRIVIA ANSWER Four largest countries (land mass) are: 1) Russia, 2) Canada, 3) China, 4) United States.

QUOTED For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’Matthew 25:35-40 

ONE FINAL THING     Thoughts with retired city police officer Ray Jodoin at Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge, one of the nicest coppers you could ever meet and who was involved with so many local social agencies.

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