Buying a house? Here’s everything you need to prepare for your Mortgage Broker.

Jenni MacDonald, Mortgage Broker*
Buying a house?  Here’s everything you need to prepare for your Mortgage Broker.

You are buying your first house!  Congratulations!

You’ve been careful with your credit and you’ve saved a down payment… but do you have all the documents ready for your Mortgage Broker?

Here is a list of basic documents you should be prepared to provide:

Your Personal Information

2 Pieces of ID: One form of ID must be Government-Issued Photo ID.  Health Cards are not a valid form of ID for the purpose of a mortgage.  You can apply for an “Ontario Photo Card” through the government a Service Ontario location.  This process does take some time so ordering it ahead of time will help your mortgage application.

Your Income Proof:

Job Letter: You will need to get a signed letter from your employer that states your basic employment information. It is only applicable for 30 days.

Recent Pay Stubs: The pay rate and the number of hours should match the job letter.

Most Recent Notice of Assessment: Use this document to confirm you do not owe any personal taxes.

2 years of T4s and 2 years of Notice of Assessments:  If you get overtime or bonuses, can provide these documents to prove the amount of extra income.

Two Years of Notice of Assessments and T1 Generals (Tax Returns): including the Statement of Business Activity and Statement of Real Estate Activity. If you are self-employed or claim any rental income you will need to provide your full tax returns.

Your Down Payment:

Three Months of Bank/RRSP/TFSA Statements: The statements must display your name.  Otherwise, you also need to provide proof that the account number(s) belongs to you.  Any large deposits ($1500 or more), other than pay, need to be supported with paperwork.

Signed Gift Letter: An immediate family member signs a gift letter stating the funds do not have to be repaid.  Each lender has their own form of a gift letter. You will need to provide an updated bank statement showing the exact gifted amount once it is deposited into your account.

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