Canadians Need a Break

Eric Duncan - 3 Minutes with the MP
Canadians Need a Break

Cornwall and SD&G are not immune from the serious strain most families and small businesses are facing in Canada.

The average family now spends 43% of their income on taxes; more than food, shelter and clothing combined. Nationally, housing prices have doubled and locally, the average house price has doubled over the last 5 years to more than $417,000.

Inflation is at a forty year high. Food bank use has tripled, breaking new records every month. The House of Lazarus in Mountain has seen a dramatic 45% increase in clients this year alone – and that is before skyrocketing home heating bills come due this winter.

Simply put: Canadians are hurting. The solutions offered by the Liberal-NDP coalition double-down on the same failed policies that put us in this crisis in the first place.

So, you may ask: what would Conservatives do instead?

Our new Leader Pierre Poilievre and my Conservative colleagues have proposed several solutions in Parliament this fall.

First, the Liberal-NDP coalition needs to scrap their proposed tax increases. On

January 1st, a payroll tax increase will take more money out of your paycheque.

On April 1st, the ineffective carbon tax increases again, and it’s set to triple at a time when people can’t even afford the most basic necessities.

To be clear: emissions continue to increase every single year and after seven years of being in office, the Liberals have missed every single environmental target they set with this punishing tax in place.

This inflationary spending, deficit and debt is not sustainable for our federal budget, let alone your household budget.

Conservatives propose capping government spending to get our federal budget under control, prioritizing our housing supply shortage by removing red tape, and incentivizing municipalities to build more homes quickly.

There is a clear difference between our Conservative approach and that of the Liberal-NDP coalition. We have heard from Canadians loud and clear: now is the worst time to raise taxes and add more unpaid for spending to our country’s credit card.

Canadians need a break.

As your voice in Ottawa, I will keep fighting against these unjust tax increases and for solutions that will actually make life more affordable here in SD&G and Cornwall.

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