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Did you know that the newly installed FoodCycle Science Dehydrating/Composting machine has been toiling away in anonymity in a back room of the FOOD HALL daily, busily diverting food waste produced by our Quick Service Restaurants from ending up in the local landfill.  On average the machine is loaded up with 25 gallons of food waste daily and once the dehydrator/composter goes through its process, we end up with 4 to 5 gallons of compost material.

You need to know that the Dehydrator/composter machine no longer toils in anonymity, following an internal contest to name the machine, our Mall Administrator, Laurie’s entry was chosen as the winner by the FoodCycle Science people.  Henceforth the dehydrator/composter machine will be known as “Chompy” or by its aristocratic title of “Sir Chompsalot of Cornwall”.  We all felt that” Chompy” sounded better and was more down to earth.

You also need to know that “Chompy” is a picky eater, it loves most veggies, goes bananas over coffee grinds and ballistic over meat, eggs/eggshells and dairy scraps, however “Chompy” gets heartburn from any kind of cooking oils and grease, large bones, non-biodegradable coffee filters and fruit pits and unlike humans there are no machine “tums” ® tablets, only the tender loving care of our mall maintenance and FOOD HALL attendants team removing the offending materials from “Chompy’s” rotating drum belly.  Finally, “Chompy” suffers from allergies to certain products that have the potential of causing serious damage to its working properly and to even stop “Chompy’s” process in its tracks.  Items such as any metal objects such as wire twist ties, pop cans, tin can lids, plastic wrap or bags, corn cobs, large bones all of which can cause “Chompy” to shut down completely an demand immediate full clean out to remove the deadly objects and return “Chompy” to its healthy state.   A healthy and performing “Chompy” is a beautiful process to see and the resulting benefits for the landfill and the people who make use of the compost material, is special.

Did you know that Cornwall Square is looking at installing traffic counters at the 4 mall entrances in the coming weeks.  You just might want to waive as you enter as a thank you for being counted.  Mall traffic matters within the retail industry as most prospective tenants ask our leasing team how many people shop at the mall weekly or monthly.  Mall management is currently evaluating several options prior to deciding which system to install.

Did you know that Santa stopped in for a visit last Thursday on his way back to the north pole and said that he would be back here at Cornwall Square on November 19th and that we should let all the little girls and boys know to be good as he is watching.   The marvels of today’s technology allow Santa to keep track of both his “nice” and “naughty” list.

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