Get your estate planning done

Jodie Reynolds
Get your estate planning done

This is not legal advice* by Jodie Reynolds, Senior Family Counsel at Levesque, Grenkie

This will ease a lot of your immediate concerns. The pandemic is overwhelming. You no longer control your schedule. You work from home, stay inside and homeschool your children. What if something happens to you? Will your children be fine?

Don’t let the pandemic control your last wishes. Even if the pandemic puts the world on hold, everyone can take charge of their estate planning. If anything, this gives you the opportunity to be proactive. This gives you the time to put the necessary thought and discussion into these important documents.
You must address two types of documents.

First, you need powers of attorney for health and property. Powers of attorney allow someone of your choosing to makes decisions for you while you are alive, but are unable to do so.

Second, you need a last will and testament. Your last will and testament comes into effect after you pass away. It outlines who will be in charge of your estate, what should be done with your property and for your minor children.

Contact your lawyer to set up a virtual appointment to discuss your estate planning questions. When it comes time to signing the documents, there is even a new way to sign them over videoconference. You will not have to meet your lawyer in person.

Your lawyer will have questions for you. Perhaps bringing up ideas and issues that you weren’t aware of. Get this process started. The first step to dealing with this unpleasant necessity is the easiest, call your lawyer.

Take this time with your spouse. Have a real and honest conversation about who you want to raise your children if you cannot. Who will be their guardian? Who will be in charge of their inheritance?

The world is on hold, but your life is not. Call your lawyer. Get your estate planning done.

*Only my clients get my legal advice. This is strictly general legal information. If you think you have a legal issue, please, hire a lawyer. It can even be me. I can be reached via email at

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