It’s Good for the Brethren to Gather

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It’s Good for the Brethren to Gather
SECOND BEST SEAT – It’s better than Business Class or even First Class. There’s not only a great view, there’s usually stick time. (Photo : Nick Wolochatiuk)

When I was a teenager, I struggled with a stammering problem. Oh, how things have changed! People now have trouble getting me to shut up. These days there are few things that I enjoy more than flying, taking photos of aircraft (and from aircraft), researching anything that has flown and giving talks about my aviation experiences.

The CAHS (Canadian Aviation Historical Society) was founded in Toronto in1962. I am member #9, currently with the Ottawa chapter. There are chapters in several cities across Canada. Membership is open to men and women with an interest or experience in aviation, including pilots (airline, military, corporate, private), mechanics, writers, modellers, photographers and ‘wannabes’ in all those categories.

For the third time in about 15 years, I’ll be a guest speaker at the Montreal chapter’s monthly meeting, Thursday February 16, 11:00 am.

In the past, I have given my ‘TriviAir’ presentations to several other audiences too. It’s a challenging audience participation quiz about aviation trivia. A knowledgeable fellow aviation enthusiast commented, “There’s no such thing as ‘trivial aviation information’. Eventually, it all becomes useful.”

In my upcoming February 16 talk I’ll use these cryptic terms as topic introducers: 360 (a current number in progress); 294 (significant number from my past); CC+CCxMM (it served me well during the year 2000).

Unfortunately, so many people of my early days of aviation will not be able to attend: Bob Haverstock, Louis Geoffrion, Bruce Burgess, Jan Zurakowski, Paul Reagan, Mick Saunders, Frank Gropler… It’s through gatherings at airports, air shows, breakfast fly-ins and meetings such as these I replenish my storehouse of knowledge and make new friends.

As the saying goes, “It’s also good for the brethren to break bread together.” After the talk, there’s a catered luncheon for only a $5.00 cover charge.



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