Meet the Maker: Claire Bonk of Amethyst Claire

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Meet the Maker: Claire Bonk of Amethyst Claire
Claire Bonk of Amethyst Claire and her daughter Aura. (Photo : Spilt Photography)

If you’re familiar with the Cornwall market scene, you may already know of Claire Bonk and her beautiful, crocheted creations.

Amethyst Claire Handcrafted is a local business selling a wide variety of crocheted items, including clothing, blankets, stuffies, and more. They make great gifts for a loved one (or for yourself). Claire enjoys keeping up with crochet trends, which means she always has something unique to offer.

How it started:

Claire has always loved crafting and trying different mediums.

“I worked at Fabricland for two years. I thought sewing would be my calling as I enjoyed sewing and making clothing,” she told Seaway News, “Then crochet tops became ‘trendy’ but I never could find one I liked or that fit me, so I decided to learn how to crochet! From there my love for crochet started.”

After making many crocheted items for herself, friends, and family, Claire decided to start selling on Etsy in 2016. In the beginning, it was just for fun and more of hobby that she did in her spare time. As time went on, Claire began selling on Facebook Marketplace and through Instagram.

How its going:

In November 2021, Claire attended her first market at the Cornwall Square.

“Since then, my business has grown so much! Instead of it being a fun side hobby it’s now my main source of income,” Claire shared, ” In January I hosted my first market. It was Valentine themed, held at Cornwall Square and it went so well! I hope to host more events.”

Amethyst Claire’s designs are always changing depending on trends and seasons. She specialized in Rainbow Blankets for Rainbow Babies then children’s clothing, which she won Platinum for in Community Votes for 2022. Now Claire is specializing in crochet stuffies, which she says are by far her favourite thing to crochet yet. Her most popular items currently are different birds and flower pillows.

Where to shop Amethyst Claire:

Customers can find @amethystclairehandcrafted on Facebook and Instagram. She takes custom orders through direct message, or you can shop via her website to order. Her website has a huge selection of items to chose from.

Amethyst Claire can be found in person at markets throughout the year. Her next market is The Spring Fling Market on March 25 at the Cornwall Square, hosted by W3G & Co.

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