Strange Bedfellows and a Land Deal

by Claude McIntosh


Another huge local real estate deal has been wrapped up.

A package of private properties on the east side of Boundary Road, across from the city’s Industrial Park, is said to have sold for a total of $4.5 million.

With all of the Industrial Park property taken, private property close tothe sprawling park has become an attractive investment.

This follows the multi-million dollar deal that saw Devcore Group based in Gatineau purchase the Nav Centre – building and property – from Nav Canada. The property covers 62 acres overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

Devcore has morphed into the city’s largest rental property owner with an estimated 700 (and counting) units.

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The highly contentious abortion debate in the United States has created some strange bedfellows.

Joe Biden, a devout Roman Catholic who just happens to be president of the United States, is not on the same page as the Vatican vis-a-vis the hot-button abortion issue that just got a lot hotter.

The same for a slew of practising Roman Catholic leaders, one of them our own Justin Trudeau who supports female abortion rights.

Biden’s support for abortions that runs counter to his faith has been magnified by the Supreme Court decision that gives states the rightto ban abortions.

Perhaps I missed it, but haven’t heard of one U.S. cardinal, taking Biden to task for opposing the Supreme Court ruling. Ditto in this country.The pulpits are silent when it comes to chastising Biden and Trudeau the Younger for their stand on abortions.

Oddly enough, the person who deserves a pat on the back from Roman Catholic church leaders and evangelical Protestant anti-abortionists, is someone who has a well-documented history of immoral behaviour; a guywho when asked for a favourite Bible verse, couldn’t come up with one.

Donald Trump, as president, set the stage for last week’s historic Supreme Court decision, by appointing three people to the court with anti-abortion views. That tipped the balance of power in favour of nixing Wade vs Roe.

Some might call it an act of God, that the Almighty put Trump in the White House to get it done.

Trump, of course, would agree.


TRIVIA This business has been operating at the same Pitt Street address for 92 years and counting.


TRIVIA ANSWER Pat Brady’s Jeep in the Roy Rogers television show was nicknamed “Nellybelle”. The Jeep, owned by Rogers, was a 1946 Willys CJ-2A.


THIS AND THAT Ukraine has surprised the world with its stiff resistance to Putin’s “military operation” but time is on the Ruskies side. They have more weapons and more manpower. Ukrainian military losses have been pegged at 50-100 a day. Do the math. … Dave Murphy says other than a big weight gain, his treatment for lung cancer is going well and the medical people are pleased with his progress. He hopes to regain his city council seat (he lost in the 2018 mayoral race) in the October election. … Retired SLC professor Wes Libbey tells us he still has a “tiger tail”, that could be attached to agas cap, given out in the 1960s ESSO “Put a Tiger in Your Tank”promotion. He got it while motoring in England in 1967. Another retired SLC prof, Dick Aubry, worked for ESSO and the time and recalled that the “tiger tale” promotion boosted pump sales by three per cent. … Worried that a finger print might stain the Stanley Cup, two attendant swearing white gloves gingerly removed the old mug from a protective case Sunday night and escorted it to the ice-level presentation ceremony. Moments later it was being tossed around by sweaty hands, kissed and even dropped.


THIS MONTH IN 1937 – City council passed a bylaw that required barbershops to close on Wednesday afternoons during June, July and August. … Ed Tyo resigned as the town weed inspector. He was replaced by Napoleon Bonhomme. The position existed until the mid-1970s. …Three years after it slashed teacher salaries by 12%, the public school board voted to return seven per cent of the reduction. …Justice moved a lot faster in the 1930s. Arrested on June 7 for passing two bogus cheques – one for $23, the other for $18 – a25-year-old city man pleaded guilty on June 17 and was sentenced to two years in Kingston Penitentiary. While reviewing the man’s criminal record, Mag. P. C. Bergeron noted that the record covered“almost every charge possible in this court.” … Workers digging a trench for a new water line on the United Counties building front yard found a 24-pound cannon ball believed to be left over from the War of 1812. … Good news for Cornwall Community Arena (aka Water Street Arena) shareholders who were told that the facility recorded a $4,678 profit in its first full year of operation. The building and property cost $67,000 with $58,000 raised through sale of shares at $25 a pop. The Standard-Freeholder said the arena was “on the way to becoming one of Cornwall’s most spectacular and profitable community enterprises.”


PART TWO Levi Miller, an embalmer for 18 years, opened Miller’s Funeral Home at 120 Augustus St. His staff included his daughter,Leona, the only female embalmer east of Toronto. Other local funeral homes included Bert Jardine, 45 Second St. W.; Lefebvre &McDonald, 120 Montreal Rd.; and Steinburg & Brownlee 120 Sydney St…. The medical officer of health said newly-appointed sanitary inspector Peter Payette would be checking on stables within the town limits to make sure manure was kept in a covered fly-proof container. Also, he would be inspecting outdoor privies (aka outhouses). …Cornwall Bisons of the Can-Am Baseball League became the first sports team to play under the newly installed lights at the Athletic Grounds. … A Cornwall Island man charged with being intoxicated on an Indian reserve was fined $10 by the federal Indian agent when he appeared in RCMP court in St. Regis Village.


QUOTED “When you come to Parliament on your first day, you wonder how you ever got here. After that, you wonder how the other 263 members got here.” – John Diefenbaker







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