Leo Doucet - News from the Square

Did you know that the Cornwall Square Food Court renovations is in its final stage as the contractor, Grant Marion, installs the new storefronts on all of the Quick Service Restaurant units.  Having the opportunity to look at the progress daily, all work done is noticeable and is a difference maker.  The contractor is also busy finishing the laying of the new flooring and assembling the numerous components of the seating area’s banquettes, chairs, tables, lighting, and green zones.  Can you hear the clock ticking away, tick…tick…. tick.  It appears that Thursday August 3, 2023 will be the unofficial opening day as the Grey Monster comes down.

Did you know that Cornwall Square in partnership with Foodcycle Science will be composting most food waste from the Food Court restaurants as part of an ongoing project to develop processes to expand on the items to be composted.  Cornwall Square will collect the food waste and dispose of it daily in the “One-Bin” system and accumulate a supply of compost material because of the system’s use.  One more step on reducing items that end up in our landfill.

Did you know that escalators can be dangerous if not used properly.  Recently here at Cornwall Square a young person got on the UP escalator and decided that it may be fun to drag their right foot along the side of the escalator for the ride up but unbeknownst to them when they reached the top platform, their shoe became lodged in the toothed edge of the landing platform and ripped the end of the shoe mere inches from the person’s toes.  The escalator stopped immediately as it sensed the blockage and a serious injury to the person was avoided.  We here at Cornwall Square were extremely pleased that the young person escaped without  injury and that event served as a reminder that one must be attentive to the proper use of any mechanical device as accidents can happen in a split second.

Did you know that the 2023 Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon in support of the Cornwall Community Hospital will be held here at Cornwall Square on Thursday August 24th starting at 6:00am with Dan and Bill hitting the airwaves.  More details in the coming weeks about this momentous annual event.

Did you know that a 7 foot 6-inch-high campervan cannot fit through a 6 foot 3-inch-high parking garage entrance.  Someone last week tried to disprove that theory and left a pile of vehicle pieces behind. Duh!

Did you know that it appears that The Ghost walk for Charity will be back again this year to scare the daylights out of those brave enough to enter the maze. EEEEEEEEK!

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