Wave of Humanity Quilt … here come the fudge… creating a ‘cool’ place …

Leo Doucet—News from The Square
Wave of Humanity Quilt … here come the fudge… creating a ‘cool’ place …

Did you know that the WAVE OF HUMANITY QUILT is now on exhibit in the display window of the former E B Games store where more recently the Focus Art Group held its Spring 2024 Exhibition, located on the upper level of the mall.  The opportunity to view the WAVE OF HUMANITY QUILT and read its history should not be missed.  We thank Councillor Elaine MacDonald for her efforts in arranging this precious exhibition.

You need to know that Cornwall Square will judging and awarding the 3 prizes for the top 3 “My Mom is the Best because……” short essay of 50 words or less contest on Monday May 13th.  We will publish the names of the 3 winners in next week’s column and on the Cornwall Square website.

Just a reminder that this coming weekend is the long Victoria Day holiday weekend, and that Cornwall Square will be closed on Monday May 20th, 2024.  We hope that everyone can celebrate the extra day with family and friends and that Mother Nature cooperates with awesome weather.

Did you know that Arks Harvest will enjoy some additional company in the space it occupies here at Cornwall Square.  On selected weekends each month Grandma Dynamite (aka Sharon Lavoie) will show up with a table full of baked goodies and her celebrated fudge.  Not just fudge but FUUUDDDGE!!!, a yummy treat from personal experience.  “Here Come The Fudge….”.

Did you know that Cornwall Square with its giant skylight does create a pleasant solarium effect for the mall but it also allows for a great deal of heat to be generated indoors and to counter the amount of heat, Cornwall Square relies on several of its Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment to cool things down and provide our customers with a pleasant indoor environment to come and shop or take part in the Mall Walking activity.  A couple of our existing HVAC units are getting long in the tooth and time has come to replace 2 of the large units that sit on the roof to so as provide everyone with the pleasant indoor shopping experience they deserve and allow us to live up to our motto of “Shop Cornwall, Shop Indoors, Shop the Square”.

You need to know that our maintenance team member that was assaulted a couple of weeks ago in the parking garage is healing as the bruises, swelling and cuts to his face are reducing, he appreciates everyone’s concern and good wishes.

Thought of the week: “Today’s tomorrow is tomorrow’s today, live them to the fullest.”

Shop Cornwall, Shop Indoors, shop The Square!

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