Welcome to our summer students

Bryan McGillis—3 Minutes with the Mayor
Welcome to our summer students

As we head into the warmer weather, we are preparing to welcome our staffing of great summer students that help us through the busy summer months.

Each year, we are lucky to bring on a compliment of hard-working young people into our staff who help with our public works crews, our administrative staff, and, of course, run our summer events, minor sports and pool operations for our Parks and Recreation department.

We see so much value in providing these opportunities for young people in our community, who may be saving for post-secondary school or seeking valuable work experience to help them in their future careers. However, our residents benefit from their hard work each year as well. So many of our programs and services we provide would not be achievable without their valuable assistance throughout the summer, with existing full time staff already having full plates.

Typically, these summer employment opportunities are financially assisted by Federal and Provincial grants that the Township applies for in the winter. Unfortunately, in 2024 many municipalities received significantly less funding for these crucial positions from the upper levels of government than we did in the past.

Understanding the importance of not only the services to our residents these positions provide, but also the incredible experiences and opportunities for these local young leaders of the community, the Township was able to pivot and make up the shortfall within budget to hire our summer student compliments.

We anxiously await our seasonal employees to begin this summer. When you take your child to minor sports or summer events, enjoy our clean parks or St. Andrews West swimming pool, see the road work being completed, or visit the Township Office, be sure to thank our team of summer students for all that they contribute to the community!


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