32 Years. This one a little different

Rick Shaver
32 Years. This one a little different
Rick Shaver.

This month marks the 32nd Anniversary of Seaway News, a weekly newspaper started back in September 1985.

When Dick and I started the paper, who would have predicted that 32 years later, not only is the paper still going strong, but the media business has expanded and the Seaway News under TC Media is also into the social media business with Twitter, Facebook, a web page plus so much more to bring the advertising message to their readers in Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

So as we start the 33rd year, I celebrate without my biggest cheerleader and supporter, my mom. You see, my mom was with me since day one of this adventure and every year we would celebrate another year…and how many times my picture was in the paper. It was a running laugh but one that kept her reading the paper every week, my proof reader (with her Willy) and she was my biggest critic ( good and bad).

Every year we would have a toast and talk about the years that have gone by.  When my mom past away last Thanksgiving I lost a great friend, one of the most honest people I will ever know, a person who kept me in line and most importantly, always reminded me of the good in people, the good in the community and all the good news and charities that would benefit from my help, the papers help, and that Seaway News did not need the negative approach.  This year I will celebrate the occasion with my better half, my glue of almost 40 years my wife Brenda, our two beautiful daughters and their husbands and my two grandchildren.  We will celebrate and remember all the good Mom taught me and all the good we still do for the community.

And what a good year it was. Once again TC Media and Seaway News supported our community and we did it smiling, laughing and reaching out to those who needed it. How can we forget the wonderful evening that Angie and her crew did at the United Way Wine Tasting and Gourmet Food Night, our fun day bowling, then golfing and lots of laughs and work in between  as we continued to support  the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, our continued support with Jacquie and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club…our United Way commitment…PIZZA Night and Kinsmen ( and all their projects)  is always a great night and we are proud to be there as we are supporting the Kinsmen Annual music festival…Cornwall Colts and Cornwall National…local hockey with local ownership and our continued pledge and support. Leo Lauzon has a big hand and when it hits you have to help out and we have now with the K of C golf day to help with Hospice ,Agape, Aultsville Theatre, Team Cornwall, Cornwall Chamber, Alexandria Chamber, Heart of the City, Cornwall Hospital Foundation, Heart and Stroke, Sebastien and his events through Seaway Food Festival, Parade of Nations and Marie Morrell, and Beyond 21…these alone make up part of the list of the events we support. One of my other big sponsorships is Rachel’s Kids, a big shout out to Kim Lauzon and her team for the opening of House of Hope and to Dr Navaneelan and her commitment to community projects and fundraising.  Being in business in Cornwall means being part of Cornwall…myself and my staff are proud of our commitment of community service we provide. We serve on boards, listen and react.  
 TC Media continues to have great partnerships all developed in making Cornwall and Counties a better place to live.

So thanks mom…our adventure will continue and I hope that next summer I will sit on the bench in Morrisburg …feed the birds and tell you all about what’s happening. To us…cheers…32 years later.

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