Being Little and Being Big

Nick Seebruch
Being Little and Being Big
The Olymel plant in Cornwall. (Shawna O'Neill

CORNWALL, Ontario – Selina Pescar and Jasmine Delage have been matched as a Little and Big for more than two years now. Both have gained experiences that would not have been possible without their participation in the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters (BBBS) program in Cornwall.

“We have a lot of fun,” said Selina, age 9. “We do Zumba together, we went to Calypso together and we do arts and crafts.”

Her Big Sister Jasmine said that she was proud of how much Selina has grown out of her shell since they first met.

“I remember she was so quiet the first time I picked her up,” Jasmine said. “Now I think seeing Selina laugh is the best part of being a Big Sister and getting to see her grow-up.”

Jasmine, a teacher, got involved with BBBS because she felt that there was something missing for her in life, but was hesitant at first because she was worried about the time commitment.

“I was worried about getting involved in this because I don’t have a lot of free time, but now I don’t think about it because it is so fun,” she said.

For her part, Selina said she would do it all again if she had the chance and would recommend BBBS to friends.

“Its very fun,” she said. “You get to go on trips and you get to meet a lot of people.”

Jasmine hopes to be Selina’s Big Sister right up until she is 22.

This coming Wednesday, July 19 BBBS will be holding their annual charity golf fundraiser at the Cornwall Golf and Country Club.

This annual event is important in helping BBBS offer its programs and find matches like Jasmine and Selina.

Anyone hoping to support the tournament can consider becoming a T-hole sponsor, make a donation for the auction or they could also always volunteer with BBBS and become a Big Sister of Brother themselves.

For more information, please call 613-933-8035.

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