Community embarks on new LARP adventure

Shawna O'Neill
Community embarks on new LARP adventure
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SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – Residents had the opportunity to join the first episode of a live action role-playing game at South Stormont Township on Saturday, Jan. 5. 

Shawn Loader, Owner of Exodus LARP Systems, said that he and his wife Sarah had been working on their original LARP script, titled Remnants of Humanity, since February of 2018. Loader was expecting about 15 to 20 attendees for the first episode and said that the game allows for as many players as possible.

“Every (player’s) interaction is meaningful. It progresses and changes the storyline as it builds…there is a lot of on the fly thinking because sometimes players will go in a completely different direction than planned,” said Loader.

Loader has been involved in the LARP community for about 12 years and believes that Exodus LARP Systems is currently the only LARP organization that exists in Cornwall and SDG. Prior to his new post apocalyptic adventure, he and his wife hosted a different LARP for four years that gained up to 150 players.

“I feel for especially the older youth, and people in their 20s and 30s, that it’s more meaningful interactions than playing something like a mass, online role-playing game,” said Loader about the benefits of LARPing. “You’re actually interacting with people, you’re exercising and communicating with someone on a face-to-face level. It allows a freedom with creativity which is something we support a lot. We have a lot of very talented artists of different traits.”

Loader explained that he works with a lot of skilled individuals, including great sewers and costume designers, people who make prosthetics and props, as well as Blacksmiths.

“We get people from all walks of life participate,” said Loader, who admires the game’s inclusivity. “Lawyers, police officers, students, you name it.”

Remnants of Humanity is set 210 years after ‘the week of fire’ and nuclear warfare. For the first time, players emerge from underground to explore the world. Players can choose to play as various characters, from irradiated creatures to scraplanders who want to rebuild society.

Players must be 16-years-old and up and pay $40 during the winter months to participate for 8 hours of entertainment. Snacks and refreshments are available for purchase. As long as rules are followed, everyone is welcome.

For a full schedule, visit Remnants of Humanity “Adapt or Die” or Exodus LARP Systems on Facebook. 

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