Counties supports SNC in the fight against Emerald Ash Borer

Alycia Douglass
Counties supports SNC in the fight against Emerald Ash Borer
SNC addressed committee members' concerns regarding Emerald Ash Borers at the Counties meeting this Tuesday

CORNWALL, Ontario – The United Counties of SDG approved South Nation Conservation’s recommendation to extend the management and support of the County’s forest activities until Dec. 2021, coinciding with the end of the five-year-plan.

SNC and the Counties have been part of an ongoing partnership for management of the County Forest and the County Roadside Tree program. With the existing MOU between SNC and the United Counties of SDG having recently expired, United Counties Manager of Planning and Forestry Committee member Alison McDonald says there are a number of reasons for the Counties to renew the existing partnership.

“We saw some big loss in North Stormont – about 5%, with lots of clearing going on,” said McDonald. “We’ve been invited to join an Agricultural Forest Loss Committee – they’re going to help us get some trees back in the ground and combat forest loss.”

Committee members expressed concern over the area’s Emerald Ash Borer issue, with the city having spent nearly $34,000 in 2016 to cut down diseased trees within city limits. SNC claims that continued efforts to plant and maintain trees as well as control invasive species will help to mitigate losses.

“Some of the roadside consulting services that we do get through this agreement as well will involve getting a professional forester to help us identify if the trees along the roadside are posing a risk – either diseased or dead,” said Stewardship Coordinator, Jim Hendry. “So, that’s another service we can draw on.”

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