Crowns, Gowns, and Smiles at the 10th Annual Princess Ball

Crowns, Gowns, and Smiles at the 10th Annual Princess Ball
Three-year-old Prince Elliot and his mother, Queen Patricia Power. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

The 10th Annual Princess Ball, hosted by the Kinette Club of Cornwall, enchanted the Ed Lumley Arena of the Cornwall Civic Complex on May 26. Little girls donned tiaras and glass slippers, enjoyed a cupcake bar, danced, did crafts, got their nails painted, and had live princess encounters – all while raising thousands of dollars for local organizations each year.

“My favorite princess is Belle,” shared six-year-old Alyvia Drew. “Today is fun. I liked getting my nails done,” she added.

In addition to many princesses, some princes were in attendance, too. “Elliot has always enjoyed princesses and formal balls, and I just figured it would be a good way to see and meet the community,” said Patricia Power, mother of three-year-old Elliot, who attended dressed as a prince charming.

The members of the Kinette Club of Cornwall were overjoyed with the overwhelming support from the community. “This being our 10th annual Princess Ball, we are thrilled to see another fantastic turnout. The community’s warm embrace of the Princess Ball, their active participation, and their support for the Cornwall Kinettes, all contribute to our ability to raise funds and give back to thecommunity,” shared Carol Harpur, a Kinette and co-coordinator of the event.

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