Giving away coffee and kindness

Nick Seebruch
Giving away coffee and kindness
Ashley Bender

CORNWALL, Ontario – One Cornwall business has been selected to take part in the first Common Kindness Day next week.

An anonymous business has made Jan. 10 Common Kindness Day. Its a kind of unofficial holiday.

Independently owned shops from around the Province have been sponsored by this nameless benefactor with the goal of spreading kindness across Ontario nest Tuesday.

There have been 10 locations in total in the Province that have been chosen. The Grind in Cornwall is one of those locations.

“I think its really nice,” said Susan Lalonde-Martin, of The Grind. “It feels great that they chose us.”

The benefactor has given The Grind enough money to give out 100 coffees free of charge. The only thing asked in return, is that customers consider passing on the favour for the next person.

When someone is handed one of the free coffees at The Grind, they will have the option of paying a little bit back into the tab so that the free coffees can keep on coming.

The goal is to see how many coffees the tab can be stretched to pay for over that day.

The business behind this day of charity is unknown, but Susan Lalonde-Martin said that she felt that this effort showed real support for small businesses and communities.

“I think its the type of business that they are,” she said. “They’re very involved and being kind to people helps the community.”

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