Hypnotist show for Camp Erin a roaring success

Alycia Douglass

LONG SAULT, Ontario – O’Neill’s was brimming with excitement this Saturday, Apr. 1 as guests piled in for the Hypnotism Show for Camp Erin.

Closing doors to the public for the evening’s event, the sold-out show managed to raise $1,600 for the cause.

Seasoned hypnotist, Fraser Frase stepped onstage at 8 p.m. with an eager group of volunteers equal parts excited and skeptical.

“You never know what to expect during one of my shows,” said Frase. “I can say this, though – I can’t make anybody do anything they don’t want to do.”

Frase’s interactive show transported participants from the Jurassic age to a grade two classroom – all involving a fair amount of mind mastery. Delighting the audience throughout his two-hour set, he wrapped up the show by reminding guests that their evening of fun was benefiting a worthy cause. “We’re very happy to have been involved in helping Camp Erin,” said Frase.

In association with the Moyer Foundation, Camp Erin provides programming for youth dealing with the death of a friend or family member. In partnership with Carefor, the camp has expanded its services in Eastern Ontario to the Rideau Hill Camp in Osgoode, Ontario.

Camp director and Carefor employee, Michele Smith says that the funds raised throughout the evening make a huge difference in the kids’ lives. “The goal of the camp is to bring children together,” said Smith. “Because children don’t always know someone else who’s dealt with death.”

Where schools often lack grief counselling services, and death in a family can be difficult for all impacted, the camp strives to teach kids a variety of coping mechanisms to help them through the grieving process.

“They learn that grieving is normal – their feelings are normal,” said Smith. “There’s no right or wrong way to grieve.”

For more information about Camp Erin Eastern Ontario, visit their website.

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