Kindness and meals, on wheels

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Kindness and meals, on wheels
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Meals on Wheels, a volunteer-based support service that delivers nutritious meals to house bound citizens, has been active in Cornwall for almost 49 years. 

The service follows seven routes and feeds approximately 135 individuals on a daily basis. The organization is constantly looking for new volunteers.

“We have currently close to 200 volunteers…but it’s never enough,” said Andree-Anne Morin, Meals on Wheels Coordinator. “We need 14 people a day to deliver meals because we have seven routes throughout the city. Sometimes that’s a challenge. Some of our volunteers are getting older and retiring, so we are constantly having to recruit new people.”

Over the holidays, Meals on Wheels delivers poinsettias to clients, as well as special holiday treats. The service even delivers meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas day to approximately 40 to 60 clients.

“On Christmas day, we always have some really loyal volunteers who will help us come out and deliver…which is really nice,” said Morin.

“People who are housebound otherwise might not get a nutritious meal,” noted Ken Hodgson who volunteers with his wife, Linda. “Sometimes you’re the only people they see in a day.”

Hodgson explained that sometimes routes may take longer than expected given the social aspect of the duty. He believes that socializing with the clients is especially important around the holiday season.

“We find it very rewarding…it makes us feel good. We know we are doing something good for the community,” said Hodgson.

Meals on Wheels, which is a partnership with the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Outreach Department, offers various meal options and will match the diet of the client, whether they need diabetic friendly food or pureed meals.

To find out more about the service or to become a volunteer, call Andree-Anne Morin at 613- 933-3384 ext. 4263 or search Meals on Wheels under the Live Here section on the City of Cornwall website. 

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