The ALS Walk and living with the disease

Nick Seebruch
The ALS Walk and living with the disease
Pictured from left-to-right:Dr. Alan Davis (Chief of Emergency Medicine) Karen Johnson

CORNWALL, Ontario – This Saturday, June 3 the annual ALS Walk will be held in Cornwall at St. Lawrence College. John McIntyre was diagnosed with ALS in November and is this year’s face of the ALS Walk in Cornwall.

Today, John, 63, and his wife Marlene live near Long Sault, but John McIntyre grew up here in Cornwall, in a century home owned by his grandfather.

John has taken part in many ALS walks over the years. His mother was diagnosed with ALS and passed away in 1996.

He made a career working for Agriculture Canada and spent time as a shepherd in Lethbridge, Alberta.

John explained that he wanted to take part in the ALS Walk because he has always been community oriented.

“All my life I’ve been working in the community to help,” he said. “This walk is the next thing that I have to look forward to. I try to keep looking two weeks ahead for something to look forward to,” he explained.

John has received help from the ALS Society of Canada since he has been diagnosed. They helped him get  ramp to his home, a walker, a wheelchair and a tilting livingroom chair to help him get up.

He explained how when he was a child of 8-year-sold he remembered reading a book about Lou Gehrig, an American baseball player who’s name is also used for ALS.

“In his farewell address he said “I’m the luckiest man on the face of the Earth,”” said John. “Some people they go quick, and they never get the chance to experience the love and support I’ve experienced day by day.”

The Cornwall ALS Walk starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 3 in front of St. Lawrence College.

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