Excellence Inside and Out

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Excellence Inside and Out

Walker ClimateCare is not your typical HVAC company. As their website says, they are more than just heating and cooling – both in terms of the products and services offered, but also in terms of their culture. Inside and outside their office, Walker ClimateCare stands out amongst its peers.

Walker ClimateCare technicians are equipped to handle a range of jobs that extend beyond just your furnace and air conditioner and are trained to work on complex systems including geothermal systems, water treatment systems, air equipment like HEPA filters, as well as fireplaces including maintenance, service repairs, and installation.

Tom Rand, Branch Manager for Walker ClimateCare said that Walker seeks to be the top of their field. “We’re out there to win and that means that our customers win first,” Rand said. The customers certainly feel the benefit of Walker’s commitment to excellence. Just look at their Google Reviews!


“I called on a Wednesday…Kate came by the next day and gave us a quote. Brad and Amos came by on Friday morning and by the afternoon our new A/C unit was up and running! We couldn’t be more pleased with the quick courteous service! The office staff were great when I came by to settle the bill! Also…the A/C unit we chose is so quiet! 5-star service plus,” client Roger Daigle wrote in mid-August.


“Had crew come back to connect Gas Stove after installing gas line last week (before I had the stove delivered).  Great crew Josh & Leo were in and out quickly and tested all worked fine even took my old stove out to my garage (took them no time) but helped me as I could not have done it even with someone else help. Were very pleasant. Would highly recommend them. Hope Walker ClimateCare appreciates their staff as the crew that came in last week were also very pleasant and helpful,” reads another review by Susan Hoppin.


This desire to be the best extends not just to their work out in the field, but to the culture of their office as well. The Walker team expounds their core values of Dependability, Expertise, Pride, Teamwork, and Humility in internal and external interactions.

Rand said that Walker is committed to being one of the top employers in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry and Akwesasne.

Walker’s positive corporate culture is something that their teammates are eager to attest to.

Kimberly Nadler has been working for Walker for almost two years. She’s currently the Install Coordinator and says that working at Walker is like working in a big family.

“We all joke around but when we need to help each other we are there,” she said. “We are like a big family. Anytime I need help everyone is there. They are all helpful, every single one of them. We are always giving 100 per cent to our customers and to each other.”

Darcy Aitkens has been with the company for 15 years. When he started, there were just three installers and one technician. Now the company has grown to have 25 full time team members. One thing that has remained consistent is Walker’s commitment to a high level of service, Aitkens explained.

“Our core values have always been the same as the company has grown,” he said. “We have maintained the same level of high quality service and because of this, I think we’ve grown naturally.”

Michael McCallum is a Senior Service Technician who has been with Walker for almost three years. McCallum uses his expertise to tackle some of Walker’s more complex jobs, which includes hybrid heating and cooling systems and geothermal systems.

“The team here is really good and that doesn’t end at the door,” McCallum said. “Management go out of their way to keep track of your personal life and make sure you’re okay.”

McCallum said that the team really pulled together and came through for their clients who needed A/C during the recent summer heatwave.

One of our team members came in on their day off to help get an A/C unit installed for an elderly client during the heatwave,” said McCallum. “We are really strong on customer satisfaction. The customer comes first.”

In addition to helping their customers, Walker aims to improve the community through its WeCare Gives Back program. The program enables a monthly donation to a local charitable cause and is covered by the Seaway News. Recent recipients include the Bereaved Families of Ontario, Akwesasne Cancer Support Group and the Big Brothers & Big Sisters group.

As Walker ClimateCare approaches its 50th anniversary in 2022, Tom Rand and team seek to continue to be a leader in their field and one of the preeminent workplaces in the region.

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