Memories are Precious

Paula Labonte
Memories are Precious

Carefor North Stor Support Centre Write it Now group recently launched launch their second publication, ‘Memories are Precious’.

17 golden authors came together for the launch to share their tales of wisdom, laughter, and a lifetime of treasured stories from the book. Marie Beckstead, Colette Boivin, Virginia Cyr, Jim Duck, Sheila Giraldi, Clare Harrison, Louise Hartwelll, Elaine Hutchinson, Margaret Mackey, Sandra MacMillian, Cheryl Miller, James Moram, Jo-Anne Page-Cote, Claire Pelkey, Adele Provost, Henni Heidinga Veerman, Joe Wittwer.

The Write it Now program was created 19 years ago by Ron Lajoie who said ”….”

Margaret Mackey runs both the South Stormont and North Stor groups, and Jim Moram were instrumental in making this book happen! The publication, ‘Memories are Precious are available at both centres for $20.00.

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