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Dear editor,

Consider this an open letter to city council regarding their new garbage plan. Has it occurred to you that “so called” public servant who advances their own agenda over the wishes of 75% of the people they supposedly serve, is an oxymoron. At what point do the wishes of your constituents become relevant, 80%, 99%?

What makes you so sure your plan is right and everyone else is wrong? What other solutions have you considered? What have you done to address the concerns of the people you serve? As an example, I had to stop composting when a local restaurant temporarily closed down and rates looking for a new food supply, infested my compost. It took over a year to fully control the problem and now you want me to give them a new food supply. Which councillor or city department should I send the bill to for exterminator costs, and property damage? How about the safety of children in my yard? Did anyone check how this plan worked and what problems and solutions were found in Ottawa? You know, that’s the place where light rail works so well.

I conclude with this thought: If your plan is good and you truly believe it is, then you should be able to convince people of its virtues. If you can’t, maybe it’s you that’s wrong and you need to reassess your plan.

Steve Judd,


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