LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Don’t be condescending about the convoy

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Don’t be condescending about the convoy
A truck that took part in the 2022 Freedom Convoy that left the Petro Can gas station on Boundary Rd. on Saturday, January 29. Screen capture from video by Carol Goddard.


In response to the negative OP EDs on the Trucker’s Freedom Run across the country from BC to Ottawa, I personally find condescending. To those who have differing views on the mandates take issue with being referred to as a “bunch of hanger on ers”. I feel a moral and civil right and obligation to protest peacefully , when the government does not represent me and does not follow democratic process. I am a retired RN with 27 years experience in Health care and I do not agree with the Science Table, This vaccine is experimental and should not be forced on anyone, I do believe that if someone wants to take it, that’s their right. Two important tenets in ethics are, to provide informed consent , and the right to refuse treatment, medication or injection into any bodily orafice. We have had 2 years of incompetent leadership and people have had enough, The Truckers have displayed exemplary conduct on the highways and in Ottawa. This convoy is putting Canada and its people on the world stage, and leading the way to freedom which is every Canadian’s God given right. The Convoy has the encouragement and support of millions of Canadians and is growing by the day. I believe the restaurants and businesses of Ottawa would appreciate the opportunity to recoup losses incured from the several closures of the past two years, but many are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal from the Mayor and Council. I also believe the social workers of this country have enough problems dealing with increasing depression and anxiety leading to suicide. domestic abuse and social problems stemming from the repercussions over the prolonged lockdowns. These are the collateral damage of the mandates. {reference John Hopkins University, Feb 3/22} This is the first time in two years i felt such hope and pride in Canada as I cheered the Truckers heading to our nations capital.

Diana Shayler,
Cornwall, Ontario

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We are all tired, frustrated, and want the pandemic to end

First of all, I will draw a comparison to our American friends. The U. S. has had 907,000 deaths from covid or 2,740 deaths per million. Canada by comparison has had 879 deaths per million. I would like to credit our governments, both Federal and Provincial for

1) Procuring and distributing the vaccine
2) Putting in restrictions to limit social contact and mask wearing
3) Having a medical system that has bent but not snapped.

A big thank you to all our health care workers and the truckers who have delivered food and goods to Canadians. Also, Canadians themselves deserve credit for

1) realizing the benefits of the vaccination
2) Respecting the restrictions
3) Being considerate of others

The restrictions are nowhere as severe as during WWII. Although prices have gone up, there have been no restrictions on how much gas, meat, sugar or tires we can purchase. Those measures were necessary to defeat Fascism.

Restrictions this time were necessary to defeat covid 19.

It was reported that protesters were dancing and urinating on the tomb of The Unknown Soldier on Saturday January 29th. These are the men who fought in 2 world wars for our freedom. I also saw upside down Canadian flags and a F__k Trudeau flag draped over the Terry Fox Memorial.
I am sure the majority of Canadians wish to apologize to the Mayor and citizens of Coquitlan, BC for this travesty. Citizens of downtown Ottawa have had to endure endless air horn noise and the stench of spent diesel.

I certainly realize that all Canadians have had a difficult 2 years and my condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones. We are all tired, frustrated and want the Pandemic to end and get back to normal.

We look to governments for leadership during times of crisis to keep us safe. With all things, considered they have done not a bad job during covid Time to pack it up and leave the good citizens of Ottawa in peace.

Let’s all hope this Pandemic ends soon.

Lawrence J. Jeffrey
Bainsville, Ontario

LETTER TO THE EDIOTR: Long-term care beds in Cornwall and SDG

The January 27 announcement that 250 new longterm care beds are coming to our area has an ominous dark lining. All 250 are being allocated to the private for-profit sector. Time and again, the inadequacies of private for-profit healthcare have been demonstrated. Though residents of longterm care facilities make up only .5% of Canadian population, they represented 64% of COVID-related deaths. But more to the point, the deaths within the private for-profit facilities were double those in the non-profit sector and five times higher than in those operated by municipalities.

Ontario needs public, non-profit longterm facilities, where care comes before profits. Granted, not all private for-profit facilities failed their residents so tragically, but in far too many, the conflicts of interest cost people’s lives.

Yes, the 250 beds have been long needed and are most welcome, but the opportunistic privatization is not. The province has promised 15,000 new builds and 15,000 rebuilds in the next five years. Let’s demand that those 30,000 beds be part of the public healthcare system, where care is the sole focus.

Elaine MacDonald
Co-chair of the Cornwall Chapter of the Ontario Health Coalition

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