3 inexpensive ways to stay in shape over winter

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3 inexpensive ways to stay in shape  over winter

Do you want to stay in shape this winter? If you don’t have the budget for a gym membership or expensive equipment like downhill skis, opt for one of these affordable solutions.

1. Work out in the comfort of your own home. Don’t feel like going out in the cold? Look for free videos or use a workout app on your smartphone. Choose workouts requiring minimal equipment. Often, all you need is a yoga mat.


2. Go for a walk and set yourself a goal. Dress warmly and wear comfortable boots. Gradually increase the length of your walks from one session to the next. Over a few weeks, you could even try to progress from brisk walking to power walking or even jogging.


3. Get moving outside and have fun at the same time. If there’s a park, skating rink or tobogganing hill near you, use it to get active in any way you can. For example, making a snowman or climbing back up the hill after sliding down can help you burn calories while you’re having fun.

Have fun and stay warm!

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