3 key criteria for buying THE perfect garden shed

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3 key criteria  for buying THE perfect garden shed

A garden shed is essential for storing all your outdoor equipment. Are you ready to find the ideal garden shed for your yard? Here are some key factors to consider to make the best choice:

1. Size. Carefully assess your spatial requirements. Your garden shed must be big enough for your needs, especially if you don’t have a garage and need some­where to store your bikes, lawnmower, patio furniture, wheelbarrow and pool accessories.

2. Material. Garden sheds are available in various materials and at different price ranges. The most popular materials are resin (vinyl, plastic and polyethylene), wood and galvanized metal (steel and aluminum). Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Talk to a specialist retailer who can provide recommendations and help you choose a suitable shed.

3. Style. Do you want a garden shed that blends in with your decor? Do you prefer one that’s stylish or looks like a miniature version of your home? Not sure if you like a gable or mansard roof? Review all the options to find a garden shed that won’t clash with your property.

Before you buy and install your garden shed, ensure it meets your local building regulations, particularly in size, appearance and location. You may need a permit. Happy shopping!

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