4 foolproof vegetables for first-time gardeners

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4 foolproof vegetables  for first-time gardeners

Gardening can seem intimidating for first-timers. Here are a handful of vegetables you can easily grow without much experience.

1. Carrots are hardy and grow well in cool conditions. They can be harvested in late July for baby carrots or after the first frost for large, sweet-tasting ones. Orange varieties are the most re­liable growers.

2. Lettuce tolerates shade better than other vegetables and grows fast. You can enjoy a weekly harvest all summer long when sown in succession. There are also plenty of varieties, including romaine, iceberg, butterhead and Batavia.

3. Radishes grow fast and tolerate cool weather. These low-maintenance plants can be grown in small gardens and make great gap fillers. As a bonus, their strong odour tends to deter pests.

4. Bush beans germinate quickly and aren’t susceptible to many diseases. Moreover, a small patch of bush beans can yield an impressive amount of produce — up to one pound per plant! Bush beans also return nitrogen to the soil to keep your garden healthy.

Pick up the seeds you need at your local nursery or garden centre.

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