5 golden rules for a productive vegetable garden

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5 golden rules  for a productive vegetable garden

Do you want to start your very first veg­etable garden? Did your last attempt go differently than planned? Put on your gardening gloves and follow these five tried-and-tested tips.


1. Choose the right spot

A healthy garden needs at least six hours of sunshine a day. Choose a bright spot sheltered from the wind to minimize the risk of damaging your plants. Pro tip: don’t plant anything within five metres of a tree to prevent the roots from interfering with the growth of your vegetables.

2. Fertilize the soil

Give your garden soil a helping hand to yield a good harvest. Add compost to the soil when planting your seeds and seedlings, and use a natural, commercial fertilizer every three or four weeks.

3. Sow reliable plants

Before getting your hands in the soil, select plants that are easy to care for and produce a lot of veggies. Tomatoes, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and zucchini typically guaran­tee success.

4. Water regularly

This may seem obvious, but you must water your garden often. If you water in the morning, the foliage will have time to dry out during the day, reducing the risk of disease and fungus.

5. Harvest with care

When harvesting vegetables, use garden shears or clippers to avoid breaking the plant. This allows the plant to continue producing.

Are you worried about making a mistake? Ask a gardening expert for advice or watch a few online tutorials. Finally, don’t forget that patience is a virtue. Sooner or later, you’ll master the art of gardening!

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