Bowling with Bishops

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By Shawna O'Neill
Bowling with Bishops
From left, Bishop Terrence Predergast and Auxiliary Bishop Guy Desrochers on Saturday, March 16. Shawna O'Neill/TC Media.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A crowd of 75 was expected to enjoy an evening of bowling with the Bishops of the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall on Saturday, March 16, beginning at 6 p.m.

“It’s just a fun event where you get to meet the Bishop(s),” explained Heidi Karol, event helper.

Bishop Terrence Prendergast said that he originally started the event about four years ago on Family Day in February, but decided to reschedule the evening to the end of March Break this year, accommodating to a few individuals.

“It’s a nice chance for me to meet the young people; I’m seeing some of them I haven’t met before,” said Bishop Prendergast. “The youth office is the one that plans it and organizes it…the kids look like they’re having a great time. I think it is some of their first times bowling, but that’s okay.”

Auxiliary Bishop Guy Desrochers was excited to take part in the event for the first time, having once bowled on a team when he lived in Quebec.

“To be here with everyone tonight…I didn’t know what to expect. But being with the people is just great,” said Auxiliary Bishop Desrochers.

Desrochers is still looking forward to meeting new people and learning stories about our community. He is thankful to be preaching five missions during lent this year, including in Quebec, Edmonton and Ontario.

“We need to encourage families to celebrate together, play together and pray together. Praying together and going to church is obviously something we like, but being present in everything we do, we can have fun,” said Bishop Prendergast.

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