Cornwall Senior Citizens Club celebrates 60 years

Cornwall Senior Citizens Club celebrates 60 years
From left are Cornwall Senior Citizens Club vice-president Constance Dean

CORNWALL, Ontario – In another five years this club will be eligible to apply for Canada Pension.

But until then, the Cornwall Senior Citizens Club will have to settle for celebrating its 60th anniversary of helping the elderly in the Seaway City embrace their golden years.

When the club was founded back in the early 1950s television was still a novelty, the Second World War was still fresh in the minds of everyone on the planet and the current roster of club members were just children.

Today the 130 seniors who call themselves members of the venerable club are happy that it has withstood the test of time.

“They have a place to go where they can get out of their apartments, or their homes, and feel safe,” said Marguerite White, president of the club. “They can mix with people their own age who share their interests.”

The club is located on Pitt Street, between First and Second Streets, and offers seniors an array of activities including cards and bingo, as well as meals throughout part of the year.

The group is also active on a philanthropic level, knitting clothing and the like which is donated for use by the Red Cross.

But club activities often boil down to the social interaction that is created when members get together.

“We call that the B.S. table,” said past president Rose Zukowski with a laugh, gesturing to one of the tables that dots the first floor of the building. “The men will sit there and talk about things.

“We hear all the news of what is going on at the Legion and stuff.”

The club has a solid relationship with Royal Canadian Legion Branch 297, which often hosts seniors club events, including the popular Christmas dinner.

Cornwall seniors pays it bills by charging members a fee to join, as well as other small fees to take part in club activities.

White said the club is also active in soliciting governments for grant money.

The club plans to mark its 60 years during its Canada Day celebrations that take place June 28.

To learn more about the club, contact them at 613-932-0980.

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