Debbie Stoodley retires after 40 years of nursing

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By Nick Seebruch
Debbie Stoodley retires after 40 years of nursing
Debbie Stoodley graduation picture. Submitted photo.

WINCHESTER, Ontario – Debbie Stoodley has been a nurse for more than 40 years at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH). In that time she has made a lot of memories and friends that she will miss. One thing she says she will not miss however, are the holiday shifts.

“I’ll miss the staff,” she said “They are my second family. We had our traditional Easter potluck dinner a couple of weeks ago at work and actually got a dinner break to enjoy it!”

Stoodley did her nursing training at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall and got her start as a student in the Medical/Surgical Unit before taking on a full-time position at the WDMH.

She is finishing her career as a Charge Nurse, but says that she has connections to the hospital going back to her youth.

“I remember staying in the hospital overnight as a teenager and being very grateful about the care I received,” she said. “My mother was a volunteer and I came with her one summer to help take the tuck cart around to patient rooms. I also canvassed in the community for the Renewing the Vision campaign to raise funds for the hospital.”

In retirement, Stoodley will be spending more time with her seven grandchildren who range in age from one-to-seven.

“WDMH colleagues are happy that Debbie will coming back to WDMH on a casual basis – but don’t expect to see her during the holidays,” the WDMH said in a press release. “Best of luck and thank you Debbie!”

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