First Aid for a Good Cause

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
First Aid for a Good Cause

Our local Air Cadet Squadron 325 is currently running a Fundraising with First Aid Campaign until Wednesday, February 15th. The fundraiser consists of first aid kits that are assembled in Canada and range from a $5 Pocket First Aid Kit to a $95 2 Person 72HR Survival Kit.

“Although the Department of National Defence does support cadet training, we are a very active youth organization, and not all activities are financially covered through DND,” explained Major Sandy McDonald, Commanding Officer, “Our squadron support committee works hard each year to help cover our budget through sponsorships, donations, and occasional fundraisers. Our goal is to provide activities to cadets at no cost, or very little cost to them.”

With nearly $39,000 in their annual operating budget not supported, the squadron relies on donations and fundraising to support their activities, which include band, canoeing, range, exertion, flying, camping, day trips, and more. This is the squadron’s first time running a first aid fundraiser.

“Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise a minimum of $1000 to help fund our flying program, which is key to the air cadets. The support committee is excited about the first aid fundraiser as it is a unique fundraiser, offering something at a variety of price points, and something that everyone can use,” said McDonald, “The added bonus is there are no unwanted calories!”

For more information, please call 613-937-0189 or email

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