‘Heroes of the North’ come to Cornwall

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Here’s your chance to meet a Canadian superhero.

Fantasy Realm is hosting its second annual Halloween Comicfest and this year members of the Canadian web series ‘Heroes of the North’ will be signing autographs.

Fantasy Realm owner/operator Randy Sauve, like many of his customers, is excited to have the online crusaders at his comic book shop.

“This is big,” said Sauve. “Come meet super heroes.”

On Oct. 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., residents are encouraged to show up for free comics, wear costumes and enjoy a day focused on Canadians with superpowers.

Three Heroes of the North cast members will be there: Sandra Belrose (Wild Rose) – a half-Lebanese and half-French Canadian actress from Montreal. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet) – an internationally-acclaimed cosplayer, glamour model, costume designer and actress. Plus, Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) – Heroes of the North co-creator, ex-military, stuntman, costume designer and actor.

Sauve said comic book fans are in for a real treat. The popular web series is a personal favourite of his. He even wears the Heroes of the North t-shirt when he’s at work.

“This is an event comic book fans don’t want to miss,” he said. “The show has a little bit of everything. Action. Intrigue. Comedy.”

Illustrator Frank Burelle will be there raising money for the Agape Centre. Photographer Carol Grant will also be in attendance.

For more information on the second annual Halloween Comicfest, call 613-933-7997.

To check out the Heroes of the North, visit www.heroesofthenorth.com.

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