How to make your yard an eco-friendly haven

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How to make your yard  an eco-friendly haven

The impacts of climate change are already evident, and it’s essential to take action to reduce them. One way to start is by making your landscaping more environmentally friendly. How can you make your yard green? Here are some principles to follow.

Diversify your lawn

Grass is commonly used as ground cover. However, this monoculture requires a lot of water and sometimes pesticides, which can limit biodiversity. Instead, plant drought-resistant plants such as clover and thyme that feed pollinators like bees.

Choose native plants

Many foreign plants don’t have natural competition in your local ecosystem and can quickly become invasive. Choose species adapted to your local climate to preserve the native flora and fauna.

Use rainwater

Install a rain barrel underneath your gutters and use the collected water to give your plants a drink. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to save precious drinking water.

Make your soil permeable

Consider transforming a section of your con­crete driveway or walkway into porous tiles or crushed gravel. This will enable rainwater to seep into the ground, reducing runoff and preventing soil erosion. Additionally, this helps minimize the number of pollutants in your local water treatment plant.

Grow a vegetable garden

Emissions linked to transporting food are a significant source of pollution. Tackle this problem head-on by harvesting cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce directly from your garden.

Creating an eco-friendly yard may seem long and arduous, but the benefits are worth it. Plus, it requires less maintenance in the long run.

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