International Plant Appreciation Day

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
International Plant Appreciation Day
Senior grandparents and granddaughter gardening in the backyard garden. (Photo : Stock photo)

Spring is here and gardening season is almost upon us! Fittingly, on April 13th we celebrate International Plant Appreciation Day.

Plants are incredible. They provide us with air and nourishment. They offer shelter to animals and give us beautiful landscapes to admire. Gardening and keeping houseplants is a great way for individuals and families to connect with nature and gain a bigger appreciation for plants.

Mark your calendars! Transition Cornwall+ is back with another year of their Incredible Edible Plant Giveaway, scheduled for June 3, 2023 from 11am to 1pm. During this event, volunteers will be giving away free plants from a number of locations across the city.

Happy planting!

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