Karl Samuelson Will be the New Administrator of Dundas Manor

Karl Samuelson Will be the New Administrator of Dundas Manor
Ross Alguire shares a laugh with Dundas Manor resident Shirley Simzer.

The Alguire Family ended an era of care today, with the selling of Dundas Manor to Rural Healthcare Innovations (RHI). The goal is to continue with ‘business as usual,’ ensuring that the same standard of excellent care and support is maintained for the residents, staff and local communities. RHI is a non-profit corporation established with the support and endorsement of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH).

“The home was established by our parents and has been owned and operated by family members for over 34 years,” said Ross Alguire, family spokesperson and former Administrator of the Dundas Manor Nursing Home. “Our goal was to ensure that the chosen purchaser would continue to deliver the same high quality of care to our residents. We are confident that we have achieved this goal. ”

Karl Samuelson will be the new Administrator of Dundas Manor. He also serves as Vice President of Seniors Services at WDMH. “I am honoured to join the Dundas Manor team and to work with the excellent, dedicated staff that puts forth extra effort to help care for the residents,” he noted. “Together, we will build on the family-focused legacy of the Alguire family.”

The RHI Board of Directors will oversee the operations of Dundas Manor at its existing location. A purchased management services agreement between RHI and WDMH is in place. The new Board is also working with the Champlain LHIN, the Ministry of Health and WDMH to redevelop the nursing home beds over the next several years as part of the Centre of Excellence for Rural Health and Education.

Ross Alguire summed up the announcement: “Our parents, Jack and Pat Alguire, had a goal of having the best long-term care facility in Ontario. And we are proud that this tradition will continue. This important local resource will remain in the local community.”

Over the past few weeks, events were held at Dundas Manor to honour the Alguire family and to thank them for their long tradition of excellence in long-term care. Both Ross and Ian Alguire will be available to support the new Administrator to ensure a smooth transition.

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