Martintown Mill hosts Paranormal Communication Nights

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By Shawna O'Neill
Martintown Mill hosts Paranormal Communication Nights
The Martintown Mill. Stock photo.

MARTINTOWN, Ontario – Do you believe in ghosts? The Martintown Mill Preservation Society is hoping you will test that theory during one of their Paranormal Communication Sessions with the ghost hunting group, Phantoms of Yore.

Phantoms of Yore first attended the Mill on Monday, July 15 to try and spot inexplicable activity and events, possibly in the presence of Jacob. Jacob, who is believed to be a playful ghost who resides in the Mill, is a spirit of folklore derived from the story of a young boy who drowned outside of the Grist Mill many years ago.

“I couldn’t explain some of the things I saw,” said Brian Arberry, President of the Martintown Mill Preservation Society.

Arberry said that on one occasion he was talking to his son-in-law on the second floor of the Mill and when the two looked over at a set of weights on a scale, the weights were swinging back and forth, despite the lack of any movement or wind to encourage the swinging. On another occasion, Arberry was speaking with someone about Jacob and they heard a distinctive knocking noise coming from the corner of the Mill.

“The mill is all stone…so I’m not sure where the knocking came from. It’s different…I don’t know if there’s an explanation for that or not,” said Arberry, who isn’t quite sure if spirits reside within the old, local building, as well as any other historic site in Cornwall and SDG.

Arberry said that the ghost hunters did detect some activity and frequencies according to their equipment. The group will be back for more investigation on August 23 and 24.

“I think it’s good for the entire area…its not to sensationalize it, it’s just interesting…the heritage building and the intrigue of the story,” said Arberry.

Arberry said that recently local authors have been publishing and conducting readings of books they were challenged to write, based on the story of Jacob. These stories are quite a hit amongst the community and many supporters from around the region have stopped by the Mill on Sundays to visit the site and the writers.

To learn more about the authors or the Phantoms of Yore ghost hunt, visit Martintown Mill and Phantoms of Yore on Facebook.

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