Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

For many families around the world and throughout history, it has traditionally been the mother who has the often thankless job of keeping the family and household running. Starting with lending their bodies to house babies before they are even born, mothers have a tendency to give up a lot for their families and are rarely given the accolades they deserve.

So, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity each year to remind Mom how much she is loved, appreciated and noticed. (Of course, she will certainly be happy to be appreciated at other times of year as well!)

Call, visit, or plan an outing to show your mom you appreciate her, or share memories of your mother if you’ve lost that important figure in your life.


Five ways to spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

When you ask your mom what she’d like for Mother’s Day, is the answer always “nothing”? Well, this year, why not take things into your own hands? Here are a few ways to spoil your mother (whether she likes it or not!):

1. Clean her fridge or wash her car (it’s free and highly appreciated)
2. Kindly forbid her from cooking (and order from her favourite restaurant instead)
3. Be her chauffeur for the day (“We’re going wherever you want to go and listening to the music you want to hear”)
4. Take her to the movies (and order whatever drinks or snacks she’d like)
5. Give her a gift card for a massage, a manicure or a professional makeover (especially if she’s not one to treat herself very often)

Make sure Mom knows that she’s the star on Mother’s Day and that she deserves to be pampered accordingly.


Give Mom a Mother’s Day bouquet

Everyone likes getting flowers! This Mother’s Day, make a mom in your life (your own mother, your spouse, your grandmother, a friend) smile with a beautiful floral bouquet.

How do you choose the perfect flowers to make Mom’s eyes sparkle? There are several things you should consider, but the most important is personal preference. Some people are absolutely obsessed with roses, while others are fond of tulips, lilies or daisies. When in doubt, ask your florist to prepare a bouquet with a variety of different flowers — there’s sure to be a few that strike her fancy.

If you aren’t sure whether the bouquet’s intended recipient has the right kind of container to display her flo­wers in, ask your florist to create an artistic arrangement in a pretty vase. This smart solution eliminates the need for trimming the stems — the bouquet will be ready to display immediately. Plus, the reusable vase is like a bonus gift!


Outings to enjoy with Mom

Would you like to take your Mom out for Mother’s Day? Here are a few suggestions for an unforgettable time:

• An afternoon at the spa (or a full day).
• A day trip (or entire weekend) to your mom’s destination of choice.
• An outing to Mom’s favourite shops (with a stop for treats and coffee).
• An evening at the movies, the opera or the theatre — or maybe even a karaoke bar!
• Brunch at a nice hotel restaurant (somewhere with the best eggs benedict in town).

Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can fondly look back on a memora­ble day.


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