Rock The Block like nobody’s watching

Rock The Block like nobody’s watching
Christal Bowen

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – There’s a party every Tuesday night in downtown Cornwall – and you’re invited.

Zumba with Christal’s wildly popular (and free) Rock The Block event made its return on July 1

Expect to see dozens of city residents busting a move to a mix of dance tracks as Zumba instructor Christal Bowen leads the charge at the corner of Pitt and Second streets in Pommier Square every Tuesday, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

“The club can’t handle us, but the block can,” said Bowen to a crowd of 60 at the second Rock The Block on July 8.

Mother nature will determine whether classes are held or not. Updates will be posted via the event’s Facebook page and

“Just bring a towel, water and your non-stop energy!” said Bowen.

Zumba enthusiast Julie Jarvo loved the outdoor component of the event as well as the new energy it brought to the city’s downtown core.

Sara Valent and Laura Kuhn are dedicated members of ZwithC and were glad to follow their instructor’s initiative to help Cornwall stay fit and active.

But it was Fern Coleman who stood out the most in the crowd. The 69-year-old Cornwallite was the only male shaking his tailfeathers.

Coleman would like to see more men participating at the event. He guarantees that even the ‘manliest man’ would break a sweat doing the fast-paced dance routines.

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