Treat yourself to a dream porch this year — and enjoy the summer!

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Treat yourself to a dream porch this year  — and enjoy the summer!

Does your home have a spacious porch that’s lacking a little love? Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful, comfortable outdoor space you’ll love spending time in.

Flooring. A stylish and durable floor provides the perfect base for your porch design. You can explore a variety of options specifically de­signed for outdoor use. There are many materials to choose from, including engineered
fibreglass, treated wood, composite wood and aluminum slats.


Railing. Enhance the look of your porch with a brand-new railing. Depending on the degree of privacy you want, you can opt for solid or frosted panels, balusters or spindles. You can choose from various materials, including steel, aluminum and wood — and styles ranging from contemporary to minimalist or rustic. The choice is yours!

Carpet. You can find a variety of low-maintenance rugs and carpets specially designed for out­door use. You can cover your entire porch or just a portion of it. Choose the patterns and colours that appeal most to you.

Furniture. A bistro set is an excellent addition to your porch. It consists of a small table and two matching chairs. If you have enough space, add furniture like a bench, storage box, chaise longue, pouffe, rocking chair, porch swing, hang­ing chair or hammock. Just make sure you choose furniture that can withstand the elements.


Decorations. Decorative accessories are vital in creating a living space that reflects your personality. Visit your local home decor stores, antique shops, hardware stores and artist studios to find sculptures, mobiles, string lights, decorative flags, cushions, throws and more. Let your true colours shine!

Plants. Whether in pots, flower boxes or hang­ing planters, plants add life and freshness to your outdoor decor. Visit your local nurseries and garden centres to choose species that are beautiful and easy to care for. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! You can easily find mag­nificent and convincingly real artificial plants and flowers.

Accessorize. A variety of accessories can enhance your experience on your revamped porch. Colourful patio umbrellas, UV-resistant canvases, electric barbecues, and mini-fridges are just a few options to explore at your local stores.

With all these ideas, you’re sure to impress!

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