$9,000 Raised for Champs Eastside Boxing

Paula Labonté
$9,000 Raised for Champs Eastside Boxing

Champs Eastside Boxing Club has recently been the recipient of two different fundraising events over the past couple weeks.

A recent exhibition match and comedy night between brought Tony ‘Lightning’ Luis and Joe ‘Boom Boom’ Bowman garnered a large crowd, many laughs, much entertainment that came with a $5000 donation cheque on the evening of September 9th.

While a charity run in their benefit happened during the day on Saturday, September 9th. Which raised almost $4000, funds that will go right back into the non profit that has given a home and a purpose to many kids over the years that didn’t have one.

Jorge Luis, owner of Champs Eastside Boxing Club has been a life force for many over the years but especially for nephew Cody Taylor, who indicated after a year of personal successes it was time to give back to the man and club that got him there.

“I’ve trained there from the age of 16, this club taught me hard work and discipline.” Cody who only stopped running for this interview- has ran an ultramarathon every month this year, that is 50km and over, not to mention his first 100 mile run in Gaspé and a cool 195 kms from Kingston to Cornwall.

Next up for him in November is a run in the Atacama desert in Chile, all of which would not be possible without Jorge and the club.

The event brought out dozens of runners, and walkers, who put their feet to the ground to help support their own health, personal goals and with that the club that means so much.

The run raised close to $4000 and most the runners that came out hit personal records! One young man even ran his first 50km.

The best way to support the down to earth gym is to come on out to 223 Jarvis and meet Jorge and the boxing family- that anchors so many.

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