Renee Rozon, Principal of Religious and Family Life Education and Equity and Inclusion, shared details on CDSBEO Week 2023, which took place October 16 through 20. Activities prepared for each day of the week focused on the second part of the Board’s spiritual theme, “Together We Are God’s Good News” and sub-themes were developed for each day of the week. The Religion & Family Life and Equity & Inclusion Department prepared a prayer, video, and a mindfulness reflection to support each sub-theme. Additionally, schools were provided with a variety of challenges as suggested activities for classroom or whole school initiatives.

CDSBEO Week began in 2018, as an opportunity for schools to carry out random acts of kindness. Schools celebrate CDSBEO Week with special assemblies, food drives, awards presentations, special gatherings and lunches, and through other initiatives centered around love and kindness.

“You have certainly captured the activities that took place throughout this very special week and it has been wonderful to see the ways that schools adapted the different themes. Thank you for sharing details of how this week came to life within our schools,” concluded Chair Wilson.

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