CMHA Champlain East / Suicide Prevention Coalition

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CMHA Champlain East / Suicide Prevention Coalition

The community is invited to participate in the annual world suicide prevention day event “Passport for Hope” that will take place on World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept 10th, 2022) at the Cornwall Public Library.

Passport for Hope Event

When: September 10th , 2022

Where: Cornwall Public Library

Time: Between 1:00pm- 3:00pm

For all event details please call or email

Find the event at (Events Tab) to register

Call 613-551-9253 or email

WELL-BEING ACTIVITY: (Grounding Activity)

Protective factors – which we gain as we grow – act as defenses against the stresses of living to allow for a full and enjoyable life. These key factors ensure our passports are valid, we have the necessary vaccinations, our itinerary is in order, and we are well-prepared to experience a healthy, safe, and meaningful trip through life. “The promotion of healthy living is but one way that suicide can be prevented.” – Centre for Suicide Prevention

RESOURCES – COMMUNITY BOOTHS (Over 12 organizations on site)

Complete your passport by obtaining a keyword from every community partner booth. Each completed passport gives you a chance to win the wellness basket valued at $100. Draw is at 3 pm.

TESTIMONIAL & IMPACT AWARD (Special Guest Invited)

The insights and stories of people with a lived experience of suicide can be extremely powerful in helping others understand suicide better and encourage people to reach in to support someone, and for individuals to reach out for help themselves.

Together we can prevent suicide!

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